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Success ~ Who needs it?

What defines success for you? Have you succeeded when you get five sets of green traffic lights in a row? Is success not burning the evening meal or even managing to dish up an evening meal? Have you personally won, when you've gained second place in a writing competition? Have you reached your pinnacle after landing the world's most awesome publishing contract, with promises of untold riches and glory? Does the glow of success spread across your dial when a six year old student cries out, "I remember you. You're that author who spoke to us."?   Sadly, at times, I feel it's become an over exploited ideal, often inflated beyond the notion of simply achieving something you set out to attain. Fame, fortune and notoriety are often the measure of success these days in lieu of personal best, self satisfaction and humble adoration from you immediate peers. But it's a label we still all wish that, at some stage in our lives, we can apply to ourselves. So