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Getting Serious About Humour

I love humour. I love laughing at myself almost as much as I love laughing at others (if only because it seems less rude to do so) I also love writing with humour. But what are the critical elements which cause us to chuckle, which render us unable to suppress a snort or too, which leave us aching in the belly with laughter? What constitutes humour? And how do we find it for the stories we write? At the recent  CYA Conference in Brisbane, talented YA author and all round funny guy, Michael Gerard Bauer  led us through an amusing little seminar exploring the ways in which to make people laugh. There are basically two ways: - Visual Humour - as with using your face to get a baby to smile - With your Words - as writers, we do not have the visual back up that a stand up comic might use, therefore we need to use our words to deliver the punch(line). So... * What is the common ingredient in humour? - The Unexpected = Surprises. That is the punchline of a joke, the Boo that makes the