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Review: The Days Of In Between

Toby and Tara’s story of friendship and finding ones true self exudes the same mellow warmth as a beach sunset. It is at once familiar, comforting and intensely personal. Set in one of Australia’s eastern coastal townships during the last summer of the 1970s, this tale chimes with voices so authentic and true, you’d swear you were 12-years-old again, well if you were my age. Younger readers will not have any trouble relating to Toby and Tara either regardless of a storyline that is void of distracting mobile phones and addictive devices because Peter Valentine Fenton’s characters behave and react in immediately recognisable ways.    Toby is excited to be spending the summer holidays with his father at an old family-favourite holiday haunt by the bay. He’s waited for ages to smell the salty brine of the sea again and reconnect with his recently newly-wed father. Toby’s expectations are sky high and orbit around his choice to move from his mother’s house to live with his dad and new