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Once Upon A Time: Radio Interview

Talking about At The End of Holyrood Lane with Uni the Unicorn. Photo courtesy of Peter Allert When ABC Radio Gold Coast's , Josie Sargent invited me to join her on her Once Upon A Time segment to chat about writing books and their impact on social issues within our communities, how could I say no. Armed with my trusty copy of At The End of Holyrood Lane , I headed to one of my favourite beachside suburbs on the Gold Coast, Mermaid Beach and enjoyed a relaxed morning of book sharing and story telling. Not every story I write has an issue I want to hammer home. Quite the contrary. I believe children's stories must cause their readers to 'move and shake' first and foremost. Move either physically with laughter, joy or some other emotion relevant to the story. Shake with amazement, awe, acknowledgement, and fun! If these reactions are the result of recognising a fundamental underlying message or theme secreted within the story, all the better. Ultimately, we