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The 12 (+ some) Days of Christmas Countdown: Day 1 - Nine Open Arms

They say large overwhelming tasks are best tackled in small meaningful mouthfuls. I say this approach should also be applied in generous dollops to all things Christmas. From menu planning and execution to home decoration, from salutation spreading to the all-important gift selection, my recommendation is to go in well-armed with list-making materials and a calm uncluttered mind, perhaps accepting the odd recommendation or two to help the selection process. Throughout the month of December until Christmas Day, I will endeavour to deliver a new, tantalising and truncated sample of some highly recommended Christmas stocking stuffers – a la kids’ book style. And fret not if they don’t make it under the tree in time…these are gift ideas that can be shared any time of the year in my book. Nine Open Arms As the translator of this Dutch novel explains, Nine Open Arms is indeed a story built like a jigsaw and told in stages . Like a jigsaw puzzle one is compelled to move around from s