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ABC Radio New England: School Holiday Reading Recommendations

It would take me approximately the equivalent of six school holiday periods to get through every recommended reading title. There is simply an ocean of brilliant titles bobbing around at the moment or soon to be released. It's often the last thing you read that resounds most loudly in your head, so with that resolutely in mind, I refrained from 'going overboard' with Kristy Reading as she probed me for a list of children's books that will entertain both kids and their parents these holidays. Click on the image below to listen to the ones featured on Monday 29 June 2020 for  ABC New England NorthWest radio's breakfast show : Morning Book Club with Kristy Reading.  Scroll forward to the 2 hour 50 minute mark to hear my segment or grab a comforting beverage and settle back to enjoy the whole show! Monday Morning Book Club chat with Kristy Reading 29 June 2020 Here's the not-quite-full list (not full because there are a zillion other great titles to enjoy of course