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Review: Pie In The Sky

Remy Lai’s debut middle grade novel, Pie In the Sky is one hefty hunk of a book (all 384 pages of it) yet it reads as effortlessly as a cloud-light Angel Cake. This hybrid graphic novel is an appetizing combination of so many elements attributed to crossing cultures and fitting in, you’d be forgiven for feeling as though you’ve bitten off too much to swallow however, Lai’s wit and sincere prose resonates warmly from start to finish producing one of the most satisfying reads I’ve ever consumed.   It’s hard to refrain from baking puns when reflecting on Jingwen’s story. I blame Lai . She has given the new-kid-in-a-new-country-in-a-new-school-finding-it-impossible-to-fit-in storyline a deliciously original twist by blending winsome characters into emotionally and physically charged situations involving frequent cake making. Honestly, there is more elaborate baking in this book than an entire season of Master Chef. Almost twelve Jingwen and his younger brother, Janghao a