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What Are Your Dreams Worth?

A week or so ago I rambled on about the whys and wherefores of seeking out grants and how to go about securing one for yourself. You can read all about how and when the penny dropped for me here . Now that I have successfully acquitted my first grant, I have time to reflect on exactly what it meant, what I gained from it and whether I'd do it all over again. So here we go, my top reasons for granting yourself permission to shine: What did it mean being awarded a grant? Freedom .To expand on my writing goals and bring more of them closer to fruition. Resources . To perfect my picture book projects. I undertook a structured mentorship with Dee White to facilitate this. Choice . To use funds to make decisions that positively influenced, affected and improved my craft. It meant I could afford a mentor . It meant I could afford to attend conferences and workshops that not only enriched my writerly soul but skill box as well. It meant I had available finance to validate the