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Review: Evie Is All Ears

Easter is different things to different people: a time of rest and relaxation with family, a moment to reflect on new beginnings, a sacred religious observation symbolising rebirth and renewed hope. Here in Australia a new tradition is taking hold; the Easter Bilby has been bouncing alongside the traditional Easter Bunny as a symbol of encompassing change and compassion in addition to recognition for our very own long-eared lookalike Easter cutie for some time now. While picture book, Evie Is All Ears is devoid of Easter Eggs, it does feature bilbies in abundance and is a tender example of consideration and coping with change; two significant Easter concepts. With that tenuous connection made, let’s explore Evie’s world. Evie lives in the harsh Australian brigalow bush. She attends Miss Briar’s school with gay abandon and applies herself to every bilby task required be it learning to dig with her sharp claws or sniff out tasty morsels using her keen nose. The one thing she finds d