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Book Trailer

It's not really a true fruit mince pie without a generous sprinkle of sugar on the top. Christmas pudding is nothing without lashings of brandy custard cascading down its sides. And it's never truly Christmas for me without Christmas music playing extremely loud and annoyingly often. Singing along is a given. So here is a sweet, little, festive season something extra for you all to enjoy. The trailer, behind the book, behind the elf, behind the possible destruction of Christmas. Play it loud, to drown out your incredulous laughter or questioning gasps. Parental guidance not really recommended, but if you have a child who doesn't handle curled blue elf shoes well, best slide hand over face of said child  for 3 seconds. Book Trailer for PS Who Stole Santa's Mail? Available to purchase in all good bookstores now, via order or online at Morris Publishing Australia Don't forget: BOOK LAUNCH of PS WHO STOLE SANTA'S MAIL ? at the Black