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Book Bites: Fabulously Funny (and not so funny) Dads - This Is For You!

What do you call a magician with no magic? Ian. OK so not all dads are funny. Neither are all mums attempting dad jokes but with this selection of father-inspired picture books, you’ll come a lot closer to coaxing a smile or five from your under eights this Father’s Day – or any day. I’ve included a few touching tales too to ensure story time shared by any father figure in your child’s life is meaningful and filled with tenderness. Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome role models out there who inspire, entertain and most importantly, embarrass their kids! You rock.   My Dad Thinks He’s Super Funny Katrina Germein has done it again, for the third time actually. This instalment in the picture book series, My Dad Thinks He’s …, began life as a collection of ludicrously lamentable rib-tickling jokes aimed squarely at inducing eye-rolls. It is also a harmoniously hilarious homage to family units applauding the unique foibles and quirks employed by the (older) members that bond