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SCBWI QLD 2019 State Conference - What It Means to Craft Stories

For the first time ever, I walked into a writing conference bereft of note book and pen. I'm a fastidious note-taker by nature so this oversight was more a result of a clogged up brain in need of defragging rather then act of intent. The distraction of having to emcee a few conference sessions for the inaugural SCBWI QLD State Conference  was probably also to blame but I still managed to drag home a few significant take away points from what was a hugely successful day of sharing, caring and entertainment. You'll find some of my favourite revelations below. Visit the Story Craft page for a full outline of this year's Program  and Presenters. Some of the Conference happy campers What sparks publishers' interest? Fresh ideas Solid ideas told in dramatically exciting new ways Manuscripts that possess a hook from the get go Synopsises that hook from the get go Quietly beautiful literary works may be beautiful but make your work SHOUT its point of