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Friday, 29 June 2018

Cover Reveal: At The End of Holyrood Lane

It's time to find a little box to hop onto and hold up my new book baby to the world.
Illustration courtesy Nicky Johnston
Pop onto the link to Kids' Book Review below for the full REVEAL.

Kids' Book Review: Cover Reveal: At The End of Holyrood Lane: I love announcements and this time it's something I'm extra excited to shout about ... the imminent arrival of my new picture book...

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

School Holiday Writing Fun

If you are aged between 9 - 15 years and are busting to release the scribe within or you know someone who fits this description, scroll down, click the links and register now for one of these awesome school holiday writing camps.

These camps will remove the mystery and inject the fun into your stories, allowing you to gain all the gooey, gut-wobbling, groovy EXPERT advice you need to make them as good as a professional author's.

I'm super lucky to be involved as a facilitator for these writing camps. Not only are they unbelievably useful, they are mind-blowingly fun, too. So join me these school holidays.

The camps I'm involved in for July 2018 are:

40th Meanjin Writers' Camp - Griffith University Mt Gravatt QLD 2 - 3 July

Write Like An Author  - Somerset College, Gold Coast QLD 9 - 12 July

Click on the flyers below for full course details and the opportunity to register, NOW.


Monday, 18 June 2018

There's a Bear In There...and a Dragon!

A writer's life is the sum of many things, usually words. Author engagements and presentations fill the gaps in our solitary days, often in the most unexpected and sunny ways. This month I had the good fortune of spending time in not one but two centres of learning where the educators were powerful advocates for kids' lit and their students were heavenly, both reminding me why I do what I do and how much I love doing it. Plus, there were bears and dragons!

Photo courtesy of Beth Peterson Durack SS Principal

Tuesday 5 June

I visited the Carey Lane ELC annexed to St Hilda's School in Southport, QLD.

Sharing some 'beary' beautiful book love
I was invited to help launch their inspired educational reading program, BEAR - Books, Engagement and Reading. It was a sparkling morning full of reading, books and wee furry friends looking for new homes and finding them. The premise of this program being that each pre-school child is entrusted with his or her own story bear. To keep their little bear buddies happy, they are encouraged to share their stories, reading time and favourite books with them, thus encouraging sound reading practises in a friendly, non-pressured way.

I had a glorious time reading to these kindy kids and handing out teddies to them. It should be noted, that after books, my favourite toy on the planet is a teddy bear so they could not have picked a better bear for the job

Friday 15 June

Durack State School - Home of the Dragons! visit.

As a Books in Homes Australia Volunteer Role Model , I get to visit schools, often regional ones, to spread book cheer. Children in these outlying schools may have less access to reading material than their city counterparts for one reason or another making the consumption of good stories more challenging for them.
Durack SS Students delving into their new books
With the coordination of Books in Homes and their dedicated volunteers, and the help of their fantastic sponsors (Ausenco in this case) students are provided with bulging book bags encouraging them to 'read to succeed'. I had an absolute ball sharing my love of reading and my books with them, but perhaps the most rewarding part was the look on their faces after diving head-first into their book bags and making some wonderful discoveries Books are treasures, treasures that enrich life. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

National Families Week 15 - 21 May 2018

Families matter. So much. Family might be one singular special person, an unrelated confidant, or a tribe of mismatched siblings but they all matter because they are the ones that are always there for you, listening, disagreeing, rescuing, upbraiding, loving. Caring.

This week is National Families Week. I was almost too busy keeping the wheels spinning on my family wagon to notice.

But here it is, 'celebrating the vital role that families play'. You can find out more about getting involved, here.

Early Childhood Australia is one of the many wonderful organisations advocating stronger families through strong communities.

I'm delighted to see that The Fix-It Man is listed by the ECA as one of their 'recommended quality-assured resources'. It truly does warm the cockles of my heart knowing this story, with its subtle sensitive message of hope, is reaching out and touching the hearts of others.

Illustration by Nicky Johnston

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Addressing the Elephant - Talking About Death


Well, The Fix-It Man may have slipped through a few award nets recently but ... we still managed to MAKE A LIST. 😀

I am heartened and humbled beyond measure to be included in this very significant and important collection of picture books addressing the huge subject of death, loss and grief and ultimately ...hope.

Just check out who our wee book is sharing the same book shelf with: Wolf Elbruch, Oliver Jeffers Margaret Wise Brown, Debi Gliori, Joy Cowley, Margaret Wild, Freya Blackwood Michael Rosen and many other brilliant picture book creators.

Informative picture book blog, Picture Book Den, recently included The Fix-It Man on their comprehensive list of picture books from around the world that deal with the confronting topic of death and dying.

These books are often hard to write, harder to sell and sometimes, difficult to share but as Dr Sarah Mitchell GP states, they all share a few key common elements; they are stor(ies) of hope, that the pain experienced through a bereavement is normal, and that it can get better with time.

I truly believe picture books like those listed, can provide a safe and sensitive conduit through which discussion and understanding around these erstwhile taboo subjects can develop. Then maybe it will be possible to lessen the atmosphere of fear surrounding the notion and prospect of death for young people, thus normalising an inescapable reality of life.

View the entire list, here. 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

It's Never Too Late - Bag Yourself a Book for Christmas

I spend an awful lot of time banging on about all the brilliant books available for kids by other people. Well, it so happens, I have penned one or two worthy reads myself and in case you've been chained up in a chest in Hogwarts and have missed my many new releases, here's a recap.
ALL the titles listed below are available now for Christmas or Easter or your child's next birthday or ... well you don't need an occasion to enjoy a great read now, do you? Here are my top Dimity Powell recommendations conveniently grouped for you by theme and age. (Either one or two of my short stories appear in each of the anthologies listed below).

Fantasy / Christmas  
  • PS Who Stole Santa's Mail? - junior novel Christmas themed urban fantasy for 7 - 10 years  A SEASONAL FAVOURITE
  • Magic Day - fantasy themed anthology for readers 7 - 12 years NEW RELEASE
  • The Toy Chest - toy themed anthology collection for younger readers 4 - 10 years NEW RELEASE
  • Lodestone: A Magnetic Journey - YA anthology spanning time suits readers 13+ years
Loss / Emotions / Family / Relationships / School life
  • The Fix-It Man - picture book 5 - 8 years
  • Zoo-thology - Animal themed anthology collection of short stories
  • Charms Trilogy - Three Volume set anthology for ages 4 - 14 years
  • Ssstories - Eclectic anthology for children 7 - 12 years NEW RELEASE
  • Lucky Draw - multi genre anthology of short stories for readers 7 - 10 years
  • Short and Twisted 2017 - anthology for older readers NEW RELEASE
  • Short and Twisted 2015 & 2013 -anthology for older readers
  • Keepsakes - anthology for older readers following several generations
  •  Zoo-thology - Animal themed anthology collection of short stories
  • Magic Day - fantasy themed anthology for readers 7 - 12 years NEW RELEASE
 For more details and prices on each of these titles, please visit my website.

Can't fit another book in your Christmas Stocking? Why not consider one of these Excellent Extras.

The Fix-It Man Tee Shirts - kids' sizes available - models not included 😜 - $20.00

You could look this stunning in your favourite picture book

The Fix-It Man Mugs - various designs available - $10.00
Choose from the designs below
Cover Title

Panoramic wrap

I'm just a click away from connecting you and your children to their next great story experience. Get in touch, soon. I'd love to give Santa an excuse to find a bigger sack.


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Drivetime Delights with Dim, Ang and Matt Webber ABC Radio


When ABC Radio Gold Coast asked if I'd be interested in sharing some book recommendations with their listeners, I didn't have to think too hard and long about the answer - YOU BET. I mean, after a bowlful of fruit mince pies slathered in brandy custard, it's practically what I live for - sharing great stories for kids with as many people as possible.

Angela Sunde and Dimity chatting up a storm on ABC Radio
Teaming up with fellow Gold Coast author and illustrator, Angela Sunde, was the cherry on the pudding for me. What better way to spend an hour or two chatting about books and ... for our first segment - yes, there will be more to follow 😀 - CHRISTMAS.

We aren't quite Hamish and Andy but we LOVE BOOKS and we can't wait to share more of our recommendations with you all.
Dim & Ang's Drivetime Radio session

Click on the radio image above to hear our first drive time session with Matt, aired last month. You might even pick up a great gift idea for those hard to please little people in your family this Christmas. Enjoy. And stay tuned for more on ABC Radio Gold Coast 91.7 ABC.