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Kids Book Review - Revamp

When you go down to the woods today... SURPRISE It's spring time and we've been having a bit of a spruce up at Kids' Book Review . I can bearly contain my delight at having these beaut little bears (and one Koala) on board as our logo and on our new look banner. We owe our furry new look to KBR founder and editor-in-chief, Tania McCartney .  And even though KBR now has a bear or two in there, we are still the same superlative, one stop reviewing site for all things in Kids' Literature. So why not pop in one day and visit me* and my fabulous team of contributors to discover what the bears are reading.   * I am Kids' Book Review's Managing Editor and therefore the biggest kid on the team who loves to while away her days in the wonderful, wacky, written world of words for kids.