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Book Bites: Endearing and Emboldening Biographies

There’s been more than a smattering of children’s books released in the last few years embracing unsung heroes past and present. Life stories, particularly those of notable women, are especially popular not only with younger female audiences but also inquisitive young boys with a thirst for historical fact and interesting role models. Why are books that celebrate the past lives of extraordinary people so popular with our new generations? The answer is not easy to pinpoint however what is certain is that the right combination of art, fact, history and narrative verve can breathe spectacular new life into past achievements, revitalise history, and ensure tomorrow’s youngsters are more motivated than ever to pursue their own potential and dreams. This collection of nonfiction, biographical titles that endear and embolden young readers adheres to the adage that… MEMORIES TAKE US BACK, DREAMS TAKE US FORWARD Stand Up for the Future: A Celebration of Inspirational Young Australi