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Happy Official Publication Day - At The End of Holyrood Lane

  Not even the voices in my head told me this couldn't be done - to write a picture book addressing domestic violence in a way that gives hope, raises awareness and above all, endears young readers to question and empathise. I'm thrilled those voices remained silent for it allowed me to hear Flick's story clearly enough to massage it into the picture book that is, At The End of Holyrood Lane . And today, I welcome this story and Flick into the world.   For those lucky enough to live in the top eastern corner of Australia, please join me and Susanne Gervay for the official launch of this special picture book. Click on invitation for full event details .  

Books with Heart - Highlights from Holyrood Lane and EK Books

Risk taking is never easy to contemplate let alone actuate. EK Books have done so with me on more than one occasion. When publisher, Anouska Jones first approached me to publish one of my stories, the then fledging The Fix-It Man , I could hardly believe it. My story about grief and loss had ticked all of EK Books' boxes. Several years on, EK Books has blossomed from a handful of titles to the impressive children's imprint of  Exisle Publishing stabling titles by well-known creators and rising new talent that expound the premise 'books with heart on issues that matter '. Fortunately for me, domestic violence is an issue that matters very much to them. Today I want to shout out my eternal gratitude to Anouska and the entire EK Books team for being foresighted and bold enough to not only take on this delicate subject but for embracing Flick's story with as much enthusiasm and determination as I. As Holyrood Lane's illustrator, Nicky Johnston and I