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Book Bites: Nifty Non Fiction

In a world where curiosities outweigh everyday normalities, works of non-fiction have never been more sought after. If a young person you know constantly besieges you with relentless enquiry, consider these titles. There will be more to follow in months to come – my non-fiction TBR just about out-towers my other book piles – but for now these are just two of the titles Kids’ Book Review is featuring in their current Giveaway and come personally recommended. Be warned, you’re going to need a bigger Christmas gift books stocking. Alice’s Food A to Z Touted as an edible adventure from culinary icon, Alice Zaslavasky, this is a re-vamped re-issue of Zaslavsky’s first culinary offering. Part cook book, part food encyclopaedia, A to Z does just that; escorts young foodies through an alphabetical edible expedition of scrummy facts, cooking tips and recipes. There are plenty of checkpoints along the way to stop and absorb interesting food facts and figures including how to mix and match