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Kids Book Review - Revamp

When you go down to the woods today... SURPRISE It's spring time and we've been having a bit of a spruce up at Kids' Book Review . I can bearly contain my delight at having these beaut little bears (and one Koala) on board as our logo and on our new look banner. We owe our furry new look to KBR founder and editor-in-chief, Tania McCartney .  And even though KBR now has a bear or two in there, we are still the same superlative, one stop reviewing site for all things in Kids' Literature. So why not pop in one day and visit me* and my fabulous team of contributors to discover what the bears are reading.   * I am Kids' Book Review's Managing Editor and therefore the biggest kid on the team who loves to while away her days in the wonderful, wacky, written world of words for kids. 

Mystery, Mayhem and Magic! Blog Tour with Marion Martineer

I've been tootling around writers' groups for over eight years or so now. They are always seeping with new knowledge, eager scribes and unbridled passion to pen something wonderful which often spills over into exciting writing projects.   The Ten Penners is a group of dedicated writers that encompasses all these elements of story telling and more. Today I welcome one of the founding members of this group, M arion Martineer to discuss more about their latest project, Mystery, Mayhem and Magic!   Ten Penners Co-ordinator and children's author, Marion Martineer Come with us as we launch into their Blog Tour.  

Death and Dying with Matt Webber ABC Gold Coast Radio

I was chuffed as monkeys with brass bells on to have been invited along to the studios of ABC Radio Gold Coast to chat with Matt Webber. Matt Webber courtesy ABC Radio I was also six weeks into a bout of this season's awful flu onslaught and feeling less like a chipper little monkey ready to chatter as I did something someone might find in their kitty litter tray. But chat I had to so off I hauled myself to ABC's delightfully located Gold Coast studios. ABC Radio GC Headquarters, not quite beach front but a short amble from here My stories were not complete strangers to Matt's weekly Drive Time shows ; my digital narrative for Story City, The Chapel of Unlove being featured there back in 2016. This time I was able to discuss the inspirations and motivations behind my picture book, The Fix-It Man and its implications with death and dying, this being a segment series topic featuring regularly on Matt's Drive Time. I could not have asked for a better host