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Review: The Wild Way Home

If lovers of middle grade fantasy aren't immediately drawn in by this title and its alluring woodsy cover, then like me, the blurb promising an unforgettable adventure ... set in the Stone Age, might do just the trick. Charlie Merriam loves life, living on the edge of an ancient forest. Charlie has a clutch of close buddies to share neck-breaking adventures with. Days are filled with wild expeditions, getting filthy (Charlie is a tween afterall) and parental well-meaning remonstrations. Only one thing could enhance this happiness more; the arrival of a new brother or sister. When baby brother, Dara, is born with a life-threatening abnormality, Charlie's hopes of happiness plunge into a morass of despair. Charlie's parents are consumed with worry. They can barely process their own feelings let alone deal with their first-born's fear, so Charlie bolts, into the familiar sanctuary of the forest. There, Charlie finds a boy, dressed in deerskins, lying face down in the