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Introducing Oswald Messweather

Word's just in; a little fellow I've been spending a bit of time getting to know online had finally arrived in Australia. We've yet to set eyes on each other in real life but I'm told he's a stunner. I can't wait to meet him. Only a few more weeks to go. I wonder how I'll feel holding his story in my hands, knowing I had some part in its creation, accepting that it was demanding to tell but emancipating to share, feeling his exasperation and exhaustion and frustration...his fear, for real.  He's rather shy and reclusive but I know that together we can initiate ripples of greatness that might cause waves of change, acceptance, understanding and hope. We'd both like that very much. He sent me a little compilation of his story thus far and I'm allowed to share it with you. Ready? Here it is, the book trailer of Oswald Messweather , my next special little picture book - arriving 28 March 2021! We hope you like it. Let us know what you think. Ozzie an