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Can Eco Rangers Save the World? Wildlife Under the Microscope with Candice Lemon-Scott

Ever since humans began devising ways to kill cockroaches, odds have not always favoured Earth’s wildlife. Not that many of us regularly regard the indestructible attributes of cockroaches as worth conserving, but our unremitting need to dominate does make it hard for other species to coexist with us on this planet. Couple human habitation with a zillion other influences such as adverse weather conditions, and you have a world of animals struggling to survive. The humble fruit bat or flying fox is one such mammal I’ve noticed on the brink lately. In as many months, for the first time in nearly 17 years, I’ve noticed dead or dying fruit bats on my regular morning walks. Small, perfectly healthy looking creatures lying still and shrunken, dehydrated and emaciated. They seem to be literally falling out of sky, starving because our native flora on which they depend for food is also in crisis mode, tricked into random flowering times or else unable to flower and fruit at all because

Winners: Nop

CONGRATULATIONS! Delighted to announce our winners are: Finley Byrd, QLD Kirsten Ealand, NSW Jenny Stubbs, QLD Cecilia Adams, QLD Norah Colvin, QLD Each of you have won a copy of the stunning new picture book, Nop by Caroline Magerl. Your prize is on its way to you soon. Thank you to everyone who entered. It's been wonderful 'travelling' with you all. I've been to England, Uluru, Hong Kong and even inside a video game and back thanks to your wonderful wandering dreams! You are all invited to read my review of Nop   and maybe even launching into a search for your very own, Nop .  Enjoy!