Author Engagements

I would be thrilled to visit your school, library, book shop or any literary event celebrating reading and writing. I have experience in conducting interactive Writing Workshops for primary aged children and am comfortable delivering seminars on writing for adult audiences.

My Workshops are aimed at encouraging children to challenge their imaginations and unleash the writer within. The importance of story telling is emphasised to all age levels through:

Creative Visual and Verbal Activities such as,
  • Ideas Brainstorming
  • Story Board creation
  • Picture book design
  • Interactive Story telling
And by Exploring Literary Concepts such as,
  • Story Structure
  • Plot
  • Character Development
  • Elements of Writing
  • Tools, Tips and Trade Secrets used by writers name but a few. Sessions can be altered to suit age levels and interest. Visits can also include book readings, interactive writing exercises and discussion time.

Real life anecdotes fertilise the ambitions and aspirations of all writers. I'd be delighted to share some and speak at your Writers' Group or Reading Club. Presentations include:
  • Story Structure - The Writing Process
  • Getting to Know your Characters
  • Short Story writing
  • Myths and Truths about Publishing
  • Writing for Children
  • Getting Kids to Write
  • Secrets of Believable Dialogue
  • Plot VS Setting in story telling
  • Mastering your Style - Voice
  • Self Editing
...and more. Visit my website for testimonials and more details.

If you'd like to engage me for any appearance, book signing or presentation just get in touch.

Check out where I'll be bobbing up next here.

See you soon.


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