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Writing Advice: Nette Hilton on Picture Books and Junior Fiction

Occasionally I'll attend a writing workshop or seminar that is so absorbing or entertaining, I completely neglect to record it visually. Nette Hilton' s weekend workshop on Picture Books and Junior Fiction hosted by Book Links QLD and its children's writing arm, Write Links , was both these things and more. Nette Hilton , fellow poultry enthusiast and lover of storytelling, is a proflic writer of children's fiction ; many of her award winning works deemed as classics in children's literature such as , A Proper Little Lady and The Web - both favourites in this house. More recent titles include the popular, S mallest Bilby Easters picture book series and the hilarious First Adventures of Princess Peony . * A former teacher, Nette has worked with some of the most notable illustrators and publishing houses in Australia but by her own admission was a complete novice when it came to the world of publishing and storytelling. She only knew she enjoyed shari