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Review: I Saw Pete and Pete Saw Me

How many of us grown-ups remember all the wonders we witnessed as a child? How is it that we learn so much as we mature but forget to how to see the little things, the things that matter more than making deadlines and ironing straight creases? I Saw Pete and Pete Saw Me is a picture book that speaks directly to small people, the ones that are still able to see what we grown-ups are too busy to properly notice. One day in a rushing city on a crowded footpath a small boy notices a man and his dog. And they notice him. Pete’s world is a small square of cardboard and a grubby capful of hope. The boy stops to chat and is rewarded with a beautiful chalk drawing drawn just for him by Pete. The boy’s heart explodes with friendship but with the responsibility of new connections comes concern and the boy worries about Pete’s wellbeing. How does he endure stormy nights and cold days? How does he fill his tummy when he's hungry? Fortunately the local shop owners show Pete kindness and com