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It's Never Too Late - Bag Yourself a Book for Christmas

I spend an awful lot of time banging on about all the brilliant books available for kids by other people. Well, it so happens, I have penned one or two worthy reads myself and in case you've been chained up in a chest in Hogwarts and have missed my many new releases, here's a recap. ALL the titles listed below are available now for Christmas or Easter or your child's next birthday or ... well you don't need an occasion to enjoy a great read now, do you? Here are my top Dimity Powell recommendations conveniently grouped for you by theme and age. (Either one or two of my short stories appear in each of the anthologies listed below). Fantasy / Christmas   PS Who Stole Santa's Mail? - junior novel Christmas themed urban fantasy for 7 - 10 years  A SEASONAL FAVOURITE Magic Day - fantasy themed anthology for readers 7 - 12 years NEW RELEASE The Toy Chest - toy themed anthology collection for younger readers 4 - 10 years NEW RELEAS E Lodestone: A Magnetic Jou

Drivetime Delights with Dim, Ang and Matt Webber ABC Radio

  When ABC Radio Gold Coast asked if I'd be interested in sharing some book recommendations with their listeners, I didn't have to think too hard and long about the answer - YOU BET. I mean, after a bowlful of fruit mince pies slathered in brandy custard, it's practically what I live for - sharing great stories for kids with as many people as possible. Angela Sunde and Dimity chatting up a storm on ABC Radio Teaming up with fellow Gold Coast author and illustrator, Angela Sunde , was the cherry on the pudding for me. What better way to spend an hour or two chatting about books and ... for our first segment - yes, there will be more to follow 😀 - CHRISTMAS. We aren't quite Hamish and Andy but we LOVE BOOKS and we can't wait to share more of our recommendations with you all. Dim & Ang's Drivetime Radio session Click on the radio image above to hear our first drive time session with Matt , aired last month. You might even pick up a great