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I'm forever on the hunt for the next great read. I simply can't get enough of picture books, and am convinced they are the elixir of life. A sublime marriage of art, meaning and entertainment that should be shared and cherished by all at ANY age.

I am also partial to a gripping YA read and a belly-busting, laugh-aloud mid-grade chapter book.

And being a bit of an over-sharer, I like to tell people about the more illuminating and memorable reads that find their way to my desk and ultimately my heart (my bookshelves are far too full to accommodate them). Because good words were meant to be spread...

I do this with regular review posts, author and illustrator interviews and feature posts from some of your favourite kids' literary greats and some shiny new talents too at
Please note that I am forever teetering atop a veritable Mt Everest of books and although I'd love to share every interesting story ever written, my disappointingly short human lifespan renders this impossible. Thus, I'm currently closed to unsolicited review requests, or at least warn you I am very very slow to respond to them and probably won't unless they are knock-your-socks off special. Publishers and publicists wishing to share new titles, please email me.


Boomerang Books a nifty little Aussie owned on line bookshop site offering great deals on an incredible selection of titles but they also have an applaudable penchant for promoting Australian artists. If you ever want to learn more about a particular children's title featured on my review blog or here, don't hesitate to get in touch. Feel free to comment on a children's book you've read recently too. Good writing evokes many points of view.

When I'm not bouncing back and forth at Boomerang, I'll be zipping around on one Blog Tour or another and featuring the odd review here. I also pop into Wombat Books Blog from time to time as a guest reviewer. You can read more about their new releases here.


If that wasn't enough, I also masquerade as the Managing Editor for the renowned Kids' Book Review site. In the words of Jackie French, this is a site that  reviews the best books for kids 'with insight and charm but without compromise'. It's where you'll find dozens upon dozens of reviews on every imaginable genre of children's books along with revealing author and illustrator interviews.

Why not stick around and tour with me from time to time? Have a read. It's always great fun discovering more about your writing heroes and their stories.

Here are a few to start you off:

My Zombie Dog by Charmaine Clancy
Author Interview - Charmaine Clancy
Blog Tour and review of An Aussie Year with Tania McCartney
Everything is Awesome - Mother's Day Review of Awesome Aussie Things to do with Mum 
Bouncing along with Robert Vescio - Hopscotch Showdown cyber-party
Blasting Off with Tottie and Dot and Tina Snerling - an illustrator interview
Review - Snap Magic - It's more than hocus pocus
Fear - A natural part of life - A Duck is Watching Me Review 
Author Illustrator interview  - Feeling Happy with Nicky Johnston
Selfies - Self-Published Picture Book reviews


I am a Canadian writer who has just published a picture book for children from four to eight years old. Would you consider reviewing it? If so, I would be pleased to send you a pdf or hard copy--your preference.
You may wish to check out Scissortown, the tale of two children and a kitten who save their town, at www.grandmasbookshelf.net
DimbutNice said…
Hi Margaret, many thanks for taking time out to drop on by and visit me.
Whilst my reviewing list is packed to bursting at the moment and my bosses do prefer a local home grown content (ie. Aussie titles) I do feature overseas pbs from time to time so would consider viewing your book. There are a few details we'd need to consider though so perhaps you'd like to drop me an email so we can get in touch. You can contact me via the contacts page links on my blog. :-) Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Dimity

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