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Preventing and Treating Child Abuse - Highlights from Holyrood Lane with Act For Kids

All children are entitled to an abuse-free, safe and happy childhood. No one believes this more fiercely than Act for Kids , an Australian charity providing free therapy and support services to children and families who have experienced, or are at risk of child abuse and neglect. Registered psychologist and SE Queensland Regional Director of Act of Kids , Gary Poole not only embraces At The End of Holyrood Lane and its intent, but acknowledges the importance of books like this in initiating understanding, awareness and action among those who are primary victims and also those who are not directly affected by abuse. Thank you Gary et al at Act for Kids for endeavouring to make children's worlds better more beautiful places to grow in.   In subtle ways, children’s books have long had a powerful impact in helping generations understand and make sense of the sometimes baffling and frightening aspects of life experienced in growing up. Themes of being lost in a dark