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Educate Empower End - Highlights from Holyrood Lane and RizeUp Australia

'RizeUp Australia is a community-driven organisation of passionate men and women, dedicated to supporting the many families affected by domestic and family violence.' Rizeup Founder and CEO, Nicolle Edwards works tirelessly to re-home, re-educate and assist those affected by abuse with special emphasis on the children involved in home violence and the associated upheaval. She actively seeks news ways to reach out and touch victims hoping to connect with them and support them in positive ways. I am gratified beyond measure that she regards my picture book, At The End of Holyrood Lane a useful way of reaching out to those in need. Thank you Nicolle and RizeUp for your unqualified support and selfless work. Here is what she has to say. At The End of Holyrood Lane illustrations by Nicky Johnston ' At The End of Holyrood Lane is a beautiful story about a little girl who is terrified by the storm that chases and scares her but when Flick reaches o