Rock On With Pippa!

Stories are for listening to, right? So if watching an animated story time session is not your thing, why not settle back and LISTEN to it instead? If you've got kids in the car or need an audible distraction for your little ones, tune into Little Rockers Radio every morning (11.00 am) and afternoon (5.00 pm) this week for some online Pippa pitch perfect fun.

Little Rockers Radio is a  live streaming program 24/7 online radio station specifically tailored to entertain and enlighten children from birth to six years of age and their parents! Apart from story time there are sessions devoted to songs, nursery rhymes, yoga, mediation and much more. 

Pippa's story time sessions are delivered by the uber animated, entertaining duo, Anthony and Lauren behind Story Surprise. In fact you can tune into their Little Rockers Radio podcasts for dozens of other fun story time adventures. 


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