Turning Points: New Anthology Short Story - KISMET'S ODYSSEY

There comes a time in everyone's life where a split second choice, an extreme of nature, a fork in the road prompts a unique turning point. Some of them we recognise for the epiphanies that they are; shocking, incredible, visionary. Others, we barely notice. Nearly all are life altering. 

Earlier last year, I was fortunate enough to access a challenge that got me up and writing again, to paraphrase Exisle Publishing CEO and editor of The Turning Point Anthology, Gareth St John Thomas. The catalyst was a writing competition describing a turning point in one's life. This competition took place during the peak of our global Covid pandemic and as Gareth points out, was the stimulus that allowed me to reconnect not only with my fatalistic past but also my waning creative verve. 

My tale, Kismet’s Odyssey, is a true-life, deeply affecting account of my experience as a young bareboat charter courier on the sunbaked Ionian island of Corfu. It was a time of kissing summer breezes, newfound friendships, and sailing. It was also the stage of a tragedy that played out like a Greek mythology and ironically reset my life course, changing it forever.

It is personal and emotion-laden. Over two decades old, it is still raw and shocking, for me at least. Those momentous instances in life often are. Hard to forget. Sometimes difficult to recall. Undeniably moments to give one pause for thought and, in my case, thanks.

You can read my short story, Kismet's Journey, in The Turning Point: Moments That Changed Lives anthology, releasing around the world next month but available to pre-order through Exisle Publishing, now. OR you might like to HEAR my take on this extraordinary time of life via The Voices of The Turning Point. Here, I read KISMET'S ODYSSEY aloud. To set the scene, why not click in and listen as you gaze into the middle distance of Gouvia village, Corfu, Greece (below). Enjoy the immersion and these amazing real-life tales from around the world.

Gouvia, Corfu Island, Greece

To discover more, place a pre-order, or request a signed copy from me!, please get in touch. Life is an adventure. Embrace each and every turn with all your being.


Norah Colvin said…
Congratulations on having your story included in this anthology, Dimity.
DimbutNice said…
Thank you kindly, Norah. Sounds like we need to do another anthology swap! LOL x

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